Islamic flag Over US flagUS Vice Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s poor treat­ment of Israeli Prime Min­is­ter Netanyahu fol­lowed by his harsh state­ment to Israel is a symp­tom of a much larger prob­lem. Once again, we are see­ing Pres­i­dent Obama’s Mus­lim roots and Arab con­nec­tions sti­fling Israel the same way the allur­ing South African ice plant has become an eco­log­i­cal nui­sance to Cal­i­for­nia. Despite Obama’s charisma at the podium, we have seen both Biden and Sec­re­tary of State Hilary Clin­ton flip-flop on their views towards Israel. This is concerning.

Why would Biden snub Israeli PM Ben­jamin Netanyahu by arriv­ing 90 min­utes late to a sched­uled din­ner? That doesn’t gel when the US claims to be Israel’s staunchest ally. In fact, the ACORN administration’s appease­ments to the Arab world have eroded the US rela­tion­ship with Israel to a point that is unrec­og­niz­able com­pared with pre­vi­ous US admin­is­tra­tions. But there’s more.

Biden’s attempt to give Israel a bear hug today shows that he and the ACORN admin­is­tra­tion is doing dam­age con­trol after his pub­lic slight of Netanyahu and the fall­out from Israel and pro-Israel sup­port­ers in the US. While Biden may have a 94% pro-Israel vot­ing record, we all know that how he voted pre­vi­ously flew out the win­dow the minute he joined the ACORN administration.

For recent flip-flops, let’s look at US Sec­re­tary of State, Hilary Clin­ton. There is no doubt that Clin­ton was sup­port­ive of Israel while serv­ing as a New York sen­a­tor dur­ing 2001 — 2009. It’s obvi­ous she strongly sup­ported the Jew­ish state by read­ing her quote in a Sep­tem­ber 2007 posi­tion paper:

“Israel’s right to exist in safety as a Jew­ish state, with defen­si­ble bor­ders and an undi­vided Jerusalem as its cap­i­tal, must never be questioned.”

Clinton NetanyahuThis is exactly what Israelis and those who sup­port Israel want to hear. Then, Clin­ton did a u-turn under Mus­lim sym­pa­thizer Obama by sup­port­ing uncon­di­tional increases in US aid to the Pales­tin­ian Author­ity and Gaza. Remem­ber, this is terrorist-run Gaza with Hamas in charge that she agreed to fork over $900 mil­lion to. The most recent allo­ca­tion that Obama signed off on was $40 mil­lion. But we know the more aid agen­cies like UNWRA gain, the larger the “Pales­tini­an” pop­u­la­tion becomes. Wake up, DC! Going from a pop­u­la­tion of 900,000 in 1950 to 4.7 mil­lion today should tell you some­thing. UNWRA and the PA couldn’t lead a camel to water any­more effec­tively than they could raise Pales­tini­ans off inter­na­tional hand­outs.  Teach­ing hatred of Jews and Israelis in 59 “Pales­tini­an” refugee camps should be more than an eye-opener. But then again, why would neigh­bor­ing Arab coun­tries want to give their life to dec­i­mate Israel when there is an avid source of sui­cide bombers that bring their fam­ily honor by dying? Yes, it’s sick and twisted but that’s life in Gaza. Fund­ing ter­ror­ists that con­tinue to let their peo­ple live in poverty while they pur­chase real estate should serve as a reminder.

Clin­ton also called for a com­plete freeze on all set­tle­ment con­struc­tion with no excep­tions. This is not the pro-Israel Clin­ton that New York­ers sup­ported. And frankly, this type of about face is sure to make her career in pol­i­tics kaput. This goes for Obama and Biden, too. Get your resumes ready, guys.

Biden on the other hand got a small glimpse of a fire­works today (take note bleed­ing heart left­ists, lib­er­als and hate mon­gers – this one’s for you). Only it wasn’t from Dis­ney­land but from “Pales­tini­ans” who fired a rocket from terrorist-run Gaza into South­ern Israel as Biden was wind­ing his slight… err I mean vis­it… up. Quite a nice touch that proves the Pales­tini­ans don’t want peace and never will despite the bil­lions of dol­lars that lined their “lead­ers” pock­ets. Heck, ask for­mer Pales­tin­ian Pres­i­dent and BILLIONAIRE Yasser Arafat what hap­pened to all the funds he col­lected on behalf of his peo­ple. Oh that’s right, he dead so why not read about it.

The pat answer released for Biden’s rude­ness was that it was due to the Israeli announce­ment to build new 1,600 homes in East Jerusalem. Why would that mat­ter? Jerusalem is Israel’s undi­vided cap­i­tal cap­i­tal, never to be questioned—remember, Clin­ton said so — even if the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity is too anti­se­mitic to real­ize it. Let’s face it. The Arab world has never acknowl­edged Israel as a coun­try even 62 years after the UN Com­mit­tee voted to make it one. So why would we – and I’m talk­ing to the free world here – take total­i­tar­ian Arab gov­ern­ments’ word on what Israel’s cap­i­tal is when they don’t even note Israel on their maps? Feel free to check.

But come on. The “Pales­tini­ans” have stayed mum for 14 months and only just announced their will­ing­ness to restart peace talks prior to Biden’s forth­com­ing trip. Seem fishy? I’ll say. For those not famil­iar with the Arab auto­matic refusal, get used to it. If the PA says it’s will­ing to talk, you can bet that they have already planned a pre­ma­ture exit. The PA obvi­ously knew about the Israeli con­struc­tion in East Jerusalem and used it as an oppor­tu­nity to grand­stand in front of Biden, the ACORN admin­is­tra­tion and total­i­tar­ian gov­ern­ments who wish to see Israel’s demise. But guess what? Those that see through this asi­nine veil aren’t buy­ing it. We need our U.S. admin­is­tra­tion to stop pan­der­ing to every Mus­lim that comes their way with mam­moth cam­paign con­tri­bu­tions. The same premise goes for US uni­ver­si­ties that are prac­ti­cally Arab owned and spon­sored and are becom­ing more like the anti­se­mitic U.N. every day. Yes, that means Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia Irvine, Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia Berkley – Judith But­ler – you’re pathetic, the Baker Insti­tute at Rice Uni­ver­sity and slew of other uni­ver­si­ties that are allow­ing the Mus­lim Stu­dents Union and CAIR to spread anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hatred on their campuses.

Obama a MuslimSo while ice plants are attrac­tive along Cal­i­for­nia high­ways they are just as inva­sive as the ACORN admin­is­tra­tion has become to Amer­i­can val­ues. It’s high time that we stand up for Israel even if our gov­ern­ment fails to do so. The flip­side is that 2012 is only a cou­ple years away and we can show our dis­sat­is­fac­tion by vot­ing out an admin­is­tra­tion that has replaced our flag with a cres­cent moon and star. Most Amer­i­cans under­stand the value of keep­ing Israel our ally in the Mid­dle East and sanc­tion­ing Arab fac­tions that can’t keep their greedy hands off Israel’s cap­i­tal, Jerusalem, the same way we would boot out Mex­i­can drug lords if they laid claim to Austin or Sacramento.

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