Exposing the Palestinian Narrative Gingrich-Style

On December 27, 2011,

Decem­ber 24, 2011 • BigPeace.com Some­how, left-leaning jour­nal­ists just can’t twist the truth enough to put a dent in the cam­paign of pres­i­den­tial can­di­date Newt Gin­grich. All polls show Gin­grich gain­ing. Yet some are des­per­ately try­ing to change that. Now, self-professed Pales­tin­ian jour­nal­ist Daoud Kut­tab is recap­ping anti-Israel New York Times jour­nal­ist Thomas Friedman’s hate in […]

Israel’s Security Deteriorates as Middle East Turmoil Grows

On March 22, 2011,

No one knows bet­ter that Israel lives in a tough neigh­bor­hood than Act For Israel Media Fel­low, Chuck DeVore. Vio­lence aimed at Israel erupted all around DeVore dur­ing his week-long visit to see exactly what the Jew­ish State is up against. DeVore details repeat attacks on Israel and how some news sources attempted to jus­tify the […]

How Much Terrorism Would YOUR Country Take?

On March 17, 2011,

Some­how, the world seems to crit­i­cize Israel’s right to defend itself whether the attack comes via Qas­sam rock­ets, sui­cide bombers, “human rights activists” from Turkey armed with metal clubs and knifes or the lat­est, Char­lie Man­son style mur­ders. Clearly, Israel has the right to defend its cit­i­zens from ter­ror­ists regard­less of what form it comes […]

Replacing Demonization with a Conversation

On March 3, 2011,

There’s no doubt that if Israel’s crit­ics com­pared the Jew­ish State to its Arab neigh­bors toe-to-toe, they would see that their crit­i­cisms of Israel were pal­try when com­pared to the lack of democ­racy, human rights and indi­vid­u­als free­doms allowed in Arab coun­tries. Alan Krinksy hits a high note with his arti­cle in the Syd­ney Morn­ing Herald […]

UN Prefers to Focus on Israel Over Middle East Atrocities

On February 22, 2011,

It’s a sad state of affairs when the UN has lit­tle inter­est in Mid­dle East pro­test­ers that are get­ting slain daily yet puts its Secu­rity Coun­cil in over­drive to defame Israel. Act For Israel made men­tion of this today and reg­u­larly calls the UN out on its biased con­duct towards Israel. Pro­test­ers in African nations and […]

Reminder: Don’t Miss Israeli Diplomat Ishmael Khaldi

On February 8, 2011,

Ambas­saDOR is part­ner­ing with Act For Israel to invite you to Cafe Israel, where Israeli diplo­mat Ish­mael Khaldi will be on hand to share his amaz­ing life expe­ri­ences as chron­i­cled in his new book: A Shepherd’s Jour­ney: the Story of Israel’s First Bedouin Diplo­mat. Ready to be inspired? Don’t miss out! Click below for admis­sion. Date: February […]

Why Israel Needs YOU!

On February 1, 2011,

Act For Israel saw this arti­cle and had to fea­ture it because it echos many sen­ti­ments of why we formed in the dig­i­tal space. We know all too well that Israel’s fights are no longer just on the bat­tle­field. They are on the inter­net. Every day, tens of thou­sands of anti-Zionists take their mes­sages of […]

Israel Needs More Ian McEwan’s

On January 29, 2011,

It’s refresh­ing to see a British nov­el­ist and screen­writer like Ian McE­wan stand up to Pro-Palestinian pro­tes­tors and say no to their relent­less call to boy­cott Israel. McE­wan recently won this year’s Jerusalem Prize, and a pro-Palestinian group has con­tin­ued to harangue the author/screenwriter over accept­ing the cov­eted award. The group has called McEwan’s accep­tance a â€œa […]

Olmert vs. PaliLeaks

On January 27, 2011,

Yes­ter­day, Act For Israel cov­ered the PaliLeaks, and put Qatar-based Al Jazeera in the hot-seat for dis­pers­ing a one-sided per­spec­tive of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process laced with dis­tor­tions, fab­ri­ca­tions and out­right lies. Now, Act For Israel says: Move over PaliLeaks. Today, For­mer Israeli Prime Min­is­ter Ehud Olmert releases selec­tions from his upcom­ing auto­bi­og­ra­phy that details his […]

PaliLeaks: Yawn…Tell Us Something New

On January 25, 2011,

Yes, we all heard about the Pales­tin­ian Papers or PaliLeaks and what they may or may not mean for Israel and the Arab world. For­give us if we yawn but these doc­u­ments show noth­ing new except irre­spon­si­ble jour­nal­ism. And lots of it. Get ready for a doc dump of this mun­dane, drib­ble every day this week. […]

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